Status: draft

Sunday 11/13/16

I want to write some dissertation pages, but I haven’t decided which ones or how much. I might start with putting in a bunch of stub sections and paragraphs as placeholders. I also want to build “Model Zero” in WebPPL for both the dissertation and Team Design projects.

I didn’t do any coding on “Model Zero” or anything else, but I got some work done on the dissertation:

I consider the “Abstract” and “Introduction” chapter to be done, for now.

I also installed and tested a Mac-only PDF viewer (free, open source) called Skim that was designed for academics who want to markup a lot of PDFs. It is the same PDF viewer used on TexShop, which is how I found it. It has a very cool feature in conjunction with the hyperref package: when you hover over any hypertext link, a pop-up window appears that gives a PDF rendered image of the text that the link points to. Preview doesn’t do that. I wonder if Adobe Reader has this capability.